Hello coffee world!

Hello everybody, This is just another coffee blog intending to keep track of significant environmental, economic and social issues of coffee production and consumption arising  on today’s world. It will serve as a researching tool and I hope it also to be a good source of information for the coffee community. I am personally interested […]

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Non commodity fetishism?

Want to understand the idea that specialty coffees are not commodities and the assumption that such a definition carries: that the process of valuation of this “kind” of coffee is not determined by market relationships. I will hopefully get hand on this aspect during May.

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If you get to this page in this early stage I´m afraid that “the blog” is continually “under construction”, which means that I´m writing  to see how this would feel and that I change the information all the time.

I´m in Sweden today and you can mail me for any reason to: filococo@gmail.com